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Common golf injuries treated by chiropractors


People that suffer from golfer’s elbow are often involved with racquet sports or golf. As with tennis elbow, they may overuse the forearm, traumatize the elbow by hitting several “fat” golf shots, or have poor swing technique.
Pain at the inner aspect of the elbow and reproduction of symptoms with resisted wrist flexion are common.






Rotator cuff and general shoulder problems can occur from golf for the same reasons as shown above for golfer's elbow.








Wrist tendinitis can set in even of you have good swing technique. This is often called "golf wrist" by golfers.








Knee injuries like Infrapatellar Tendonitis (jumpers knee) are very common in golf for a multitude of reasons.








Injuries to the achilles tendon are a common problem for golfers.



Last but not least, the most common  injuries suffered by golfers are to the lower back and the sciatic nerve or "sciatica" as it is commonly called.




Golf chiropractors found on treat all of the above injuries and many more by using a variety of treatments. A golf chiropractor will also show you how to prevent injury in the future. Simply find the golf chiropractor nearest you and begin playing golf pain-free.