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Do you ever notice how on a Tuesday you’ll shoot an 85 but on Friday you’ll shoot a 110?  You aren’t alone.  Most amateur golfers experience this kind of jump in score over a short period not because of a sudden erosion of eye-hand coordination or because they somehow forgot proper mechanics of the golf swing over the course of two or three days, but rather because of tight, injured, or tired back, neck and shoulder muscles.  Regular chiropractic treatment on these problem areas for golfers will not only keep your score stable, but it will probably lower it.  Healthy, strong, and loose backs play better golf.  It’s as simple as that.  A golf chiropractor will keep your back in golf shape all year long while keeping you out on the course.

Chiropractic treatment for golf

There are a number of ways a golf chiropractor can treat the golfer and enhance his golf experience.  Spine, neck and shoulder adjustments, preventative swing advice, rehabilitation exercises, electronic muscle stimulation, chiropractic massage, deep heat therapy, light therapy and anti-inflammatory nutrition are just some of the ways that golf chiropractors can treat golfers who are injured and who are trying to prevent injury.  Basically, a golf chiropractor will treat the golfer who wants to play the game pain-free.

Golfers rarely consider the damage that the sport’s repetitive, torquing movements inflict on their backs, necks and shoulders.  Neither are most recreational golfers proactive about preventing injury to these areas and improve performance.  Lately though, it is chiropractic medicine that is creeping onto the course and helping golfers everywhere realize the full potential of their game.  While many golfers now see a chiropractor after injury, some are discovering that seeing a chiropractor before injury is the key to playing round after round without pain. Be sure to check out the chiropractic tips for golf article listed on this site.

A golf chiropractor can give you with proactive treatment, strategies and advice that can serve as the foundation for realizing your full potential on the golf course while offering the opportunity of playing your best golf safely and injury-free for an entire lifetime. Whether you are already injured and looking to get back out on the course or you are looking to prevent injury, you will find a golf chiropractor near you on Golf